Temporary accommodation 

that feels like home

Traveling or moving can be very stressful. But what if there is a place to stay with not only enough space but as well all the amenities - and it feels just like home? 
The Wiesbaden Guesthouse is your place to relax, to explore the surroundings and to feel comfortable.

Why is it so different?

Our motivation

Our intent is to make you feel comfortable from the first moment you arrive. We wanted to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle.

About us

Having moved in and out of the country already several times made us understand what the needs of moving (and traveling) are. Of course a hotel room is nice, but for us it always felt like we needed more space and little more independence, for example with food/ cooking. 

Our approach

Every individual has different expectations in terms of lodging and accommodation - no doubt. But our baseline was to create a living space big enough for a family with kids and pets to come and stay as if they're home. And from there on we learn from every customer what we can do better and become the no. 1 place to stay in Wiesbaden for temporary lod

The Wiesbaden Guesthouse

Through our booking system and your accommodation requests we are convinced to be able to help you fast enough to cross this item off your list.  You can contact us anytime and we are happy to respond either trough email, phone or through our website.